Get the sled out!

the best of the mountain

From groomed trails to powder paradise, come enjoy snowmobiling at Powder King! 


Powder King is pleased to advise that we are currently developing a more comprehensive Snowmobile Access Strategy Plan.  We ask that all snowmobilers work with us by following the guidelines set out below to ensure that all alpine recreation users are able to enjoy the mountain resort area.


  • Use designated unloading and parking areas located North (Beaver Creek) and South (Bijoux Falls) of Powder King resort proper.  The resort does not have a designated area yet for snowmobile parking and unloading activities.
  • All respectful snowmobile riders are welcome to pass through Powder King resort area and/or stop and use the resort’s designated parking for dining and/or accommodation purposes.
  • Snowmobile operation within the resort area comes with the expectation and adherence to staying strictly on marked access trail (the Pipeline) and to operating within the set posted speed limits.


Stay tuned and remain respectful while we develop our plan.

terrain park

Nicest jumps

Because PK gets so much snow, we need to wait until the heavy December snow cycles have completed. 

Stay tuned for the building and opening of our terrain park when the weather permits!

Come and explore our terrain park and modified boarder cross course. These features are located on Octopus's Garden and are open daily. Please note that helmets are mandatory in this area. Ride responsibly & enjoy.

For additional questions regarding the terrain and boarder cross area, please contact us.

snowshoe adventure

Peaceful time on Azouzetta Lake.


From exploring the islands to admire frozen waterfalls, the lake is the perfect place for a snowshoe adventure! 

Wake up in a cozy cabin, enjoy home made breakfast at the Café97, put your snowshoes on and go on a peaceful adventure! 

good winter vibes

Kayaking in Winter. Why not?

ready for a new adventure?

Kayaking is great in the summer but why not trying it in the winter too? 

Prestine water, pretty white trees, beautiful snowy waterfalls... 

Get warm and go for a tour on the lake before it freezes!